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Traditional house design is very popular today because people would like to go back to the tradition. So we included this type designs in our house collection. Browse our variety house design collection and build your dream home. The trending traditional style homes are the variant form of old tradition styles with a touch work upgrades. This forms include the old styles as well as the modern styles. The look of this house can feel old to one view and modern to another. The materials used are the old ones with modern technology. This kind of houses can be suitable for family with traditional and modern taste.

Those loving to live in back years, never changes the old behaviour at all. They cannot accept the changes in the world. Traditional homes may find suitable to those with that taste. The cost of construction may be higher as the traditional home designs in modern technology is not similar to what we think it is. Stones are needed to be polished after building wall. This is quite a big process and cost high labour and money. If the design is to be as nalukettu, then the area is vast and this process Is lengthy though.

Traditional house designs in Kerala

The materials used in the traditional homes will be old style woods, decor items and other exciting works. All these will have a modern touch to make it easier to maintain. Thus making the right choices for your beautiful family home. Traditional home designs will be suitable for a joint family of good strength. Kerala state has a good tradition of history to tell all. This is done through the wall interiors and other arts works. People who look beyond the culture of living in old style will choose this home type as always. So this collection are meant for them.

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