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Houses by construction cost 41 – 50 lakhs

Choose your favorite construction cost 41 – 50 lakhs  houses from our best collection. You can find the modern style houses like gable roof, pitched roof , flat roof and sloping roof. We are updating our database occasionally to provide the new trending houses.  This range of budget homes include sit-out, living and dining space, staircase, master bedroom with attached bathroom and dressing, common bathroom, kitchen, work area, balcony and single car parking garage. Most of the home designs comes in 3 bedroom and in 4 bedroom, but you can configure it and customize as your wish. Both the floors have living and spacious bedrooms.

This types of plan will be vast enough to consume enough spaces. Like in the bedroom if we go for 10×10 in a normal house, this types can go with 12×13 or 13×13. Similarly each area can be modified. Generally speaking, duplex homes falls under this category.

50 lakhs budget house plans

We have a wide range of duplex homes that are suitable for kerala climate. Modern design works are structures will be found in this plan. Interior works can also be done to make an attractive look from inside. Work like fall ceiling, CNC cutting, spot light addition, wardrobe works, flower vase etc can make the interior amazing. Our plans in this category may look like a big home since it’s luxury model. Works like show wall, texture painting, cladding stones, horizontal and vertical grooves, projections, splitting sunroofs, pergola, gable windows etc are used for making this plan. All these are specifically and ideally fitted in right places.

Each element plays a vital role in the design to make it abstract. These types are categorised in medium budget luxury homes. Royal look homes are coming in this category with budget going higher and the construction is different from this. This types will be updated in upcoming days.

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