Awesome home design in 2000 square feet

₹34 lakh for construction


Awesome home design in 2000 square feet

Dream home is everyone’s wish. Many people search to find an appropriate home to fits in their family. So, today we present you an awesome home design in  Duplex floor with simple style,which always find a space among people. Here presenting  a double floor home plan in 2000 Square feet . A medium range  mixed roof home architecture with an estimated construction cost of Rs.33 lakh. You will really like this plan. Design is provided by Noufal Arc.

One of the features of this home is that the pillars are built with extra thickness. Sit out is kept open and vast enough. Porch is attached to the side area to the left. Third quarter of the pillars are pasted with cladding tiles. Exterior view gives a mixing of all types of roofs like temple roof, slope roof and flat roofs. Sunroof has a projection model which extended to the top window. In order to enter the light inside splitting of wall is made. As a result the visibility increases.

Awesome home design with unique house features

Plants are placed in the land yard to give attraction to the elevation.
In the sit out 4 panel windows are used. Barricade of open terrace has a cladding tile line in the center to adds beauty. White paint used allover the exterior which also gives the elevation more stunning.

On the top floor we see a pergola design in the wall to give sunlight entry. Front of sit out , fall border work is given in the glass fabrication which is used over the balcony too. Look is made awesome with this structural work. Temple roof design roofing tiles are paved with a color combination matching cladding tiles. Concluding this plan in 2000 sq ft is a quite amble design.

Additional Details
Ground Floor 7. Work area
1. Sit out 8. Store
2. Living & Hall 9. Porch
3. Prayer room First Floor
4. 2 Bed 2 Attached 2. 2 bed 1 attached
5. Common bath 3. Living
6. Kitchen 4. Balcony

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