Beautiful double story home with awesome flat roof design

₹90 lakh for construction


Beautiful double story home with awesome flat roof design

Got a large family? Or looking for a luxury home then explore beautiful double story home with awesome flat roof design. The exterior look is very great due to the using of glass work the home is become very attractive. Also the cladding tile and pergola applied very effectively to the home. If you searching for a modern luxury home, no doubt you can select this home.

Family of seven or more members need a large area of living space. So they might need a plan of 3000 sq ft minimum. Here we are presenting before you a highly modified and designed plan in double storey with construction area of 3000 sq ft in total.

The total construction cost is estimated to 90 lakh. We have plan like this posted earlier. This is similar to them but small changes are done to make the design unique. Basically the plan is a combination of glass and wall in flat roof home.

Beautiful double story  home plan with two balconies

The large panel windows are added beauty to the plan. The glass design enables the natural light to enter the area widely and visible. Garage is large enough to afford two sedan cars. Also there is a balcony area which is extended from a bedroom.

One show wall is built in right side and it is paved with cladding tiles to make a catchy view. When watching from the outside, it seems like a single storey plan due to the glass structure used. But this is a double storey plan.

This plan can be considerably high for construction, so thus it can be included in the high budget plan. Every little details is so important while making a plan of home. Basically first we need to check for the compatibility with climate of area. If climate is variable during a calendar year, the measures to overcome this should be taken.

Additional Details 

Ground Floor 7. Work area
1. Sit out 8. Store
2. Living First Floor
3. Dining 1. 2 bed rooms
4. 2 bed rooms 2. Attached baths 2
5. 2 attached baths 3. Living
6. Kitchen 4. Bedroom Balcony

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