Contemporary house architecture with amazing exteriors

₹27 lakhs for construction


Contemporary house architecture with amazing exteriors

We all love to do things according to our dreams and desires. Here we can take a look over a contemporary house architecture with amazing exterior. Do the things in clear manner with our help. We are happy to do things for you in a secure way. So now follow our visual treats.

It is a beautiful house plan with 3 bedrooms with attached baths. It is a double storey house with all its amazing features. In the ground floor there we have a sit out which is an open area and attached towards porch. The roofing of the porch is half  landing and it is constructed with pillars. The entrance towards the living area is from sit out. Next to the living room there is dining area.

The 2 bedrooms are bath attached and there lies one opposite to the other. The next door from the dining room is towards the kitchen. Inside the kitchen there hides the store room. Extended from kitchen there have an work area. Next we can view the facilities that held in the first floor.

Contemporary house architecture and residential design

There is a bedroom with attached bathroom and a common space or hall for all. Next to the hall on the side of the house there lies a balcony. Which is an open space. The total land for the construction of this contemporary house architecture is  5 cent plot. And also the construction cost of the modern design house is 27 lakhs . The total square feet required for this plot work is 1400.

With in this limited time we have go through a dream home that we can easily succeed. Sometimes this will be a golden opportunity that will never come back. So never reject this visual presentation that you have received from us. All the details regarding this modern design home is depicted in our presentation. So do it immediately with the sum you have hold with you. For more details connect us soon.

Details of  3BHK house

Ground Floor 7. Store
1. Sit out 8. Work area
2. Living  9. Porch
3. Dining First Floor
4. 2 bed 1. 1 Bed attached
5. 2 attached baths 2. Hall
6. Kitchen 3. Balcony

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