Graceful single storey home with mixed roof design

₹13 lakh for construction


Graceful single storey home design with 2 bedroom

Are you searching for a single story home ? Then just look this Ravishing simple single storey home with a awesome mixed roof design. On this home we can see lot of hatch and cladding works. Design of this build like a contemporary style. This beautiful home designed with in a small area , total area is 750 sq ft. Sit out has the wide area space with open style .The pillars on sit out bring a elegant look to the home.    Also the show wall in right and left  side is another feature of this home. It gives the more elegant look of this built.

At right side show wall like a L shape., and the right side it like a box structure. Right side show wall decorated with a brick style caddies. So this space  is very attractive. And also left side box wall being attractive is  through painting. Some portion of wall designed by using  hatch work. And also provided some space for placing the plants under the box like design. It gives the more grace look to this home.

Windows and doors are made by using wooden materials , it is simply awesome designs. Flat and sloping roof structure are used here, so sets it apart from other homes.  Top roof are designed by the mixture of flat and slope style. And left side bedroom roof are designed  V shaped style and right side bedroom roof  like double layered flat style. So it is more attractive than other designs and given a rich look.

Two horizontal parabolic design are used on the wall of stair room , it covered by using glasses. It helps ton entering more lights inside the home. And also this wall decorated by using brick style caddies.  Painting colour combination is the another attraction of this home. white, grey, and brick colour caddies are given more grace full look  of this design. Sit out , dining 2bedroom attached bath, living,  kitchen with all these included home designed by Homezonline. Total construction cost of this Graceful single storey design is 20 lakh.

Basic details

Ground Floor  5.Living
1. Sit out 6. Kitchen
2. Dining 7. Work area
3. 2 bedroom First floor
4. 2 attached bath 9. Stair room

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