Magnificent double storey home

₹37 lakh for construction


Magnificent double storey home  with amazing exterior design

Today, we proudly present before you, a Magnificent double storey home built in extra beauty exterior works. This form of plans are now entirely adapted by customers. Contemporary designs and structures are built in this plan. Box type designs are trending now a days, here we introduced a new style box design home with amazing look.

Box type design roof are used on the window portions , it gives the stunning look to this house. The sloping is mainly fat and  sun roof also made fat. White paints are used on the window which also gives the design more stunning. This house have spacious living  dining and 4 attached bedrooms. Open sit out, living, kitchen and two bedrooms in ground floor  and two bed rooms and balcony in first floor. Entrance of the house is porch and small and elegant open sit out.

Porch are designed by using 3 pillar that increase the beauty of this built. Third quarter of the pillar  are pasted with cladding tiles. And also balcony designed by using open typed gi method for eye catching. Glass type railing are used in the balcony. Also color combination of painting is chosen with light and dark color combination. It gives the more stylish look. Small size of Parabola design are used above the front side window. It helps to entering more lights inside the home. Plants are placed in the land yard for give the attraction to the front area.

Some portions of exterior wall designed by brick model ,so every one attracted at the first sight. Totally the decoration work on exterior is attractive. The total land area required for this construction is 5 cent plot and built up area is 2000 sq ft. Estimate amount of this construction is  37 lakh. It should be comfortable for middle and big family also. If you need more design like this just explore our other home designs. You can find the different style of houses like flat roof

Basic Details

Ground Floor 7. Kitchen
1. Sit out 8. Work area
2. Living First Floor
3. Foyer 1. 2 bed rooms
4. Dining 2. 2 Attached bath
5. 2 bedroom 3. Living
6. 2 Attached bath 3. Balcony

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