Magnificent simple house design on flat roof style

₹26 Lakh for construction


Magnificent simple house design on flat roof style

Today we come up with a magnificent simple house design. It is a eye catching small house with 3 bedrooms. The decoration work on exterior is attractive, number of cutting work and show walls are used. For the construction of this ravishing home design complete budget is 26 lakhs for the exterior. The total land area required for the construction of this home is  4 cent plot and total built up area is 1450 sq ft. All other amenities as common to all plans like living, sit out, dining, kitchen, balcony etc. Sunroofs are made as projection walls. The cutting design of the top floor main slab is awesome design and it gives beauty to the elevation.

Box Typed Exterior Design

This is a box typed home design. Only simple flat roofs are used here. An elegant off white and beige colour combination are used here. Sit out has simply small and open typed, and two thick pillars are placed on the left and right side of the sit out. A large show wall is gave to the front portion of this home and it  fully covered by the caddies. The works used in the exterior is very simple and easily attractive. Projection walls and sunroof are other models seen in this plan which provides an elegant appearance to this home.

GI pipe designing is given for the barricade on the terrace. It’s a new model nowadays seen in the plans. double panel door is used here and also  balcony door like this, windows and doors are wood. So we tried to give more designs in this category. With more types of flat structures used in different aspects and views. We can see a simple horizontal parabolic design on the side wall of balcony. projected L shape and  box type show walls are designed on the top of the windows for getting stunning view .

Basic details 

Basic Details 

Ground Floor 7. Store
1. Sit out 8. Work area
2. Living First Floor
3. Dining 1. 1 Bed attached
4. 2 bedroom 2. Hall
5. 2 attached baths 3. Balcony
6. Kitchen 4. Open terrace

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