Modern Single Storey House Design

₹20 lakh for construction


Modern single storey house design

Do you wish to explore your plan with us which is an amazing one? Then come on and watch this modern single storey house design. We are presenting it for you. This is an amazing option that you can experience ever. So view it.

Modern single storey house design with all its elegance. This is suitable for a single-family with all its settings. This plan is having a mixed roof style. The square feet of this plan is 1269 and it’s cost of construction is 20 lakhs. This great single storey house is provided by D-ARC. In the entrance there we can see a sit out with attractive colour and open space with vast area.

Elevated modern single storey house

Next door from the sit out is towards the living room. After the living room there have the dining room. The 2 bedrooms are nearer each other . One is having an attachment bathroom and other doesn’t. The dining area and the kitchen is attached together. Inside the kitchen there have the store room and from there we can move towards the work area. The other attraction of the house is the porch with slope roof.

The colour combination and the show lights gives the house more attractive. The plan is simple and the cost is friendly. So never-ever give up your dream of a modern home. This is for your dream fulfillment. So now move on with this passion of your dream. Be positive always follow us and contact us.


House design details

Ground Floor 5. 1 attached bath
1. Sit out 6. Kitchen
2. Living 7. Store
3. Dining 8. Work area
4. 2 bed room 9. Porch

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