One storey modern house plan on eye catching external design

₹18 lakh for construction


One storey modern house plan on eye catching external design

Today we have a detached one storey modern house plan on eye catching external design and in low budget. Total construction cost is estimated to 18 lakh and area is 950 sq ft. Sit out is small and open area. This an impressive house elevation suitable for single family 

The beauty of living in a small home cannot be expressed by words. It’s a feeling. A feeling that arises from the inner mind. Mind gives a calm and peaceful relaxation when the living surround is sweet.  This plan looks similar to common elevation design in total, but the horizontal grooves and pillar cladding and two projection lines throughout the exterior are modern designs. So this is a mix of traditional and modern design. Sit out is small but lengthy and accommodate people on the sheet given.

Nice looking simplex home design with best amenities

This home has 2 bedrooms with attached bathroom, sit out, living, dining, kitchen, work area and store room. The outline structure has a L shape cutting which gives additional beauty to exterior. As everyone dream, a small home which is amazing and elegant to move in. We decided to add more plans in this category since most of the searches are under this category.

Homezonline database gets refreshed everyday with new and trendy designs. We give designs a magical touch so making it eye catchy and elegant. Small home plans are quite an amazing view to eyes. They are cute and sweet plans. If you are looking for a small home like this or a different customized plan, kindly go through the collection we have under single storey homes. That can lead to the ocean of small home designs. We update regularly, so that any changes and old models are deleted from the database.

Basic details

Ground Floor  5.Living
1. Sit out 6. Kitchen
2. Dining 7. Store
3. 2 bedroom 8. Work area
4. 2 attached bath 9. Stair room

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