Simple 2 bedroom house in stylish design

₹11 lakhs for constructions


Simple 2 bedroom house in stylish design

We are going to discuss about a beautiful home with simple 2 bedroom in stylish design. Do you wish to dream?it is quite natural all of us around our surrounding have their on dream and desire to build an modern house with all commodious facilities. Although some of poor people does not fulfill their phantasm. But this simple 2 bedroom house with stylish design surely an golden opportunity for the poor once. This is really a friendly budgeted home, only the essential of sum they have in their hand. Now we can going to watch our contemporary home design. Listen all of you. Exterior out look is so pretty among the other simple home designs. The total budget required for the complete estimate construction is about 10-20 lakhs only.

Division of exterior consist of steps, dormer, pillars,pergolas etc. The main highlight of this home is its slope roof with Kerala style home. The traditional roofs are placed in a different heights for getting more attraction and amazing look for this contemporary home. In front part of this home there is a marvelous garden.we can enter in to our main dividend that is interior. Sit out,living hall, 2 bedrooms with attached bath, dining hall, work area, store room, kitchen and stair room with stair case it’s all about the inner portion.

Simple 2 bedroom house Lovely simplex exterior  design

Framed pergolas are given to the sit out and living area for getting an eye catching view for the viewers. It is very cute and simple stylish design home. This house have an colour combination of white and brown. Colour combination may be commonly chosen colour for other contemporary homes. Total area utilized for the complete construction is about 700 square feet. Land area required for this simple 2 bedroom house design   in 5 cent plot. Its all about the elegance for this simple Kerala stylish home design.

So we gathered here for you to make an impression among this stylish home. Do not miss this wonderful opportunity and never hesitate this presentation we presented in front of you. Make the things so faster,do not loss a single second do it right now. The dreams of your is always ours too. Immediately we will fulfill your dream and desire early as possible with extra ordinary touches. Dial us faster for an better home designs.

Additional details of simple 2 bedroom house

Ground Floor  5.Living
1. Sit out 6. Kitchen
2. Dining 7. Store
3. 2 bedroom 8. Work area
4. 2 attached bath 9. Stair room

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  1. sambhu.s

    Dear sir,
    my name is sambhu and i want to go for new dream house .
    i have a 650 sqr feet approx.
    so i have a plan to go for it.
    please send me planogram for this.
    i will write my mobile no and mail id under this mail.
    thanks regards,


    • mujeebdaze

      Ok sir
      We will contact you after the lock own, Also you can wtsp on our no. 91 9074 25 26 40

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