Single storey home elevation

₹18 Lakh for construction


Single storey home elevation with 2 bedroom

Today we come up with a awesome Single storey home elevation. It is a eye catching small house with 2 bedrooms. The decoration work on exterior is attractive, number of cutting work and show walls are used. For the construction of this ravishing home design complete budget is 18 lakhs for the exterior. The total land area required for the construction of this home is  4 cent plot and total built up area is 950 Sq Ft.  It is a modern single floor house design with a eye catching model.Sit out has a good space where  we can placed more sitting chairs.  The main highlight of this home architecture is two pillars are placed in the left and right side of the entering area. So the outside view of that area like a box .

windows and doors are designed by using wooden materials. Flat L types projections are used for highlighting the window areas. Roofs are designed in the form of double layered flat. A railing parapet has done on top of the sit out roof. we can see a beautiful well painted  wall  on left and right side. First windows in the right of house are designed with gliding tile , this makes extra style to home.  windows and doors are  given simply to modern look. Small and elegant LED bulbs are gives on the top roofs for getting more attraction at night time.

we get some spaces under the windows for placing plants. Grey and white combination paints are used here and also some areas are painted with wooden colors . So totally we get a modern outlook in a single storey home. Construction cost of this design is 23 lakh. HOMEZONLINE brings you the best house design ideas for your dream home, Browse our modern 200+ house designs and choose your home design from our vast collection

Additional Details

Ground Floor 5. 2 attached bath
1. Sit out 6. Kitchen
2. Living 7. Store
3. Dining 8. Work area
4. 2 bedroom 9. Stair room

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