Traditional sloping roof home design in 2800 square feet

₹46 lakh for construction


Traditional sloping roof home design in 2800 square feet

Here a wonderful house choice for anyone looking for a double storey. This is really beautiful  traditional sloping roof home design with lot of latest facilities. The home design at an area of 2800 sq ft. This elevation is built with 4 bedroom with attached bathrooms. This house are suitable for big and small family also.Slope roof is choose for this home. Slope roof is the main attraction of the home.Slope roof plays a major role in its beauty. The exterior portion includes sit out, living, dinning, 2 bedroom with attached bath rooms, kitchen in ground floor.In up stair balcony, hall, 2 bed with attached bathrooms.

This types of designs are mainly suitable for rainy season. The water drops never get still on this type of roofs. They will find a way back to earth on this slope roof. This types are mostly traditional and some modern touches like gamble window designing in masonry works. Also we can see a painting pattern used, which gives attraction. Roofing tiles are paved on all slopes. It’s chosen with color combination to make elevation stunning.

Sloped roof houses in Kerala

This type of plans are suitable for big families. Those who love to live in the early nostalgic life can adopt this plan for living. People may find it similar to their dream since the style is something from old style. Most family have old age people with them. So to give them happiest moment, better to build a home like this and give them a surprise gift. They will surely hug you for that. You won’t regret it, I can assure you that. Because it feels a heart touching when their eyes get wet, full of joy.

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Basic details

Ground Floor 7. Work area and store
1. Sit out 8. Porch
2. Living First Floor
3. Dining 1.  Balcony
4.  2 bed  rooms 2. Dining
5. 2 Attached 3. 2 bed 2 attached
6. Kitchen  

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