Very small home design on pleasing exterior outlook

₹10 lakh for construction cost


Very small home design on pleasing exterior outlook

Today we come up with a very small home design. It is a eye catching small house with 2 bedrooms. The decoration work on exterior is attractive, number of cutting work and show walls are used. For the construction of this ravishing home design complete budget is 10 lakhs for the exterior. The total land area required for the construction of this home is  4 cent plot and total built up area is 750 square feet

All of us dream a house of our own, to make the moments happily and fun with family. Why don’t we try such a beautiful small home in first place to chose today. Yeah.. We are now to check such a good home that can be built under 10 lakh with modern designs of show wall and creative stones included, which is obviously ceramic tiles or cladding stones.

Very Small home design and modern house plan

And what we saw is a single storey plan. The features of this house is that it’s built with a sq ft of 750 only. Show wall built with exterior design of cladding stones in black color and the outline as white is a good combination.  Interior of this is also made elegant by some creative works of low cost. This home has 2 bedrooms, dining, living, sit out, kitchen and  work area with storeroom.  No attached bath is available in this due to space constrained. Common bathroom given in the dining space.

Stair room is built and its exterior is made fabulous with cutting works. In this homes creative cutting works are the most we see. Sunshades are split type and shape specific. Cladding stones also used on the exterior of living room which is built in a higher altitude. Designer has put efforts to make a small but elegant home in the available space. the yard area is also interlocked with stones and the boundary line is separated with baked stone. Gardening is provided here to make the scenery more attractive.

Go for it. You can enjoy the living in a small face if you dream so. I am pretty sure this is the low budget home I have ever seen in a beautiful look and price.

Basic Details

Ground Floor 5. Kitchen
1. Sit out 6. Work area
2. Living 7. Store
3. 2 bed rooms First Floor
4.  common baths  1. Stair room

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