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3000 Square feet beautiful home built within 28 days

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3000 Square feet beautiful home built within 28 days

Welcome back…. Today we come up with an extra ordinary duplex home with awesome outdoor view… It is an amazing home design with  impressive courtyard view.

This 3000 Square feet beautiful home built within 28 days with precast . And the total construction completed with precast in 6 months   Land yard is executed very well with cement block. Similarly, the surrounding area of ​​the house is made of blocks and lawn is planted in between.Four sides of yard is walled with stylish gate. Moving on the courtyard, we can see beautiful view at the side area. Porch also designed here, and a beautiful pool is designed at the back area. Designers have designed this area on the side of the house in a very beautiful way. Railing sticks are built around the pool and stylish lights placed on it. It bring the awesome view both day and night time.

It is box style flat roofing home design. Small sit out area is designed here. Moving on we entering a small but gorgeous living area. Double roofing is used here and ceiling works are done attractively. Beautiful sofa sets and a tea table also arranged here. And more windows are built here for more ventillation. Beautiful curtains are used on each windows. Totally we get a beautiful living room here. Then we get a hall area. Stair and daining area are designed here. This is the dining area. Beautiful wooden table with chairs are placed here. And interiors decorations are executed very well. Large sized single windows and double heighted roofing are the another attractive thingsQ of here. Stylish wooden stairs are designed here. Glassess are used in between the wooden board of the railirailing. Beautiful washing area is built under the stair. This is the prayer room.A balcony area is available from the hall. From there we get a beautiful view of the pool. Kitchen is designed near to the dining area. This is an open kitchen. A sitting area and a small break fast table also arranged here. Beautiful sofa sets and tv units are arranged in sitting area. Moving on the kitchen, it arranged very neatly and beautifully. Cupbords and racks are built very well. Kitchen leads to work area. Cupbords and racks also built here. Let’s check the beautiful arrangements of here. 

Next we going to check the bedrooms.. This is the first bedroom. This is a beautifully designed bedroom. Double cot bed, wardrobes and a small study or office use table with chairs are placed here. Ceiling works are done uniquely and amazingly. Beautiful hanging bulbs and led spot lights also bring sleek look to this bedroom. We get a balcony space from this bedroom. And also get a beautiful view of the pool from here. This is the second bedroom. It is designed differently from the previous one. Double cot bed and beautiful wardrobes are designed here. Ceiling works done very well with white color pattern. Led and beautiful hanging bulbs are used here. Near to the bedroom a dressing with wash room is designed. Wardrobes also built in the dressing room. Totally this also a beautiful soacious bedroom.

Next we going to check the upstair area. Three beautiful bedrooms are designed in upstair. This is the first bedroom. Double cot bed, wardrobes and a large sized mirror are placed here. White and grey color combination themes are used here. Ceiling works are done beautifully with white color and led spot lights. Wall decoration work is done very stylishly. Near to this bedroom we get a dressing room come bath. The second bedroom also decorated very stylishly. Double cot bed, beautiful wardrobes and large sized mirror are arranged here. White color patten wall paint and ceiling designs bright look to this bedroom. Wash room and a dressing space are arranged near to this bedroom.

This bedroom is enterly different from the previous ones. Arrangements are also similar as the previous ones. Double cot bed, wardrobes, office usage table with chair are placed here. Ceiling decoration works is one of the main attraction of this bedroom. It done with unique design. Crystal look designs are used here, and bright led spot lights are placed on each crystal design work. It bring the fantastic look to this bedroom. Wash room and a small dressing space area are designed outside of the brdroom. We get a sliding door from here to balcony. At side of of the balcony we get the wash room. Totally this is a spacious modern bedroom. And all bedrooms are designed differently from the other. Now we are complete all the area of this gorgeous home. Hope you are enjoyed it very well. Thanks for watching….

Additional details

Design ID – HMZ281222 dining
Bedroom – 5 kitchen
Built up Area – 3000 sq ft work area
Ground Floor First floor
porch 3 bedroom 3 attached
sit out living
 2 Bedroom 2 attached balcony
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