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Beautiful home tour with amazing interior and exterior works

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Beautiful home tour with amazing interior and exterior works

Today we come up with a new home tour. It is a beautiful home tour with amazing interior and exterior works. All four sides are fenced and gated, the yard is beautifully landscaped. Blocks are spread in the yard. Green grass is planted between the blocks.

The exterior wall beautifully decorated with ceramic wall tiles. Porch is designed middle part of the home with flat roofing. when we go inside the house, we can see a very beautiful sit out. Vast spaced sit out arrangements are done very well. Beautiful plants are planted here. windows and doors are designed elegantly made of wood. Wall beautifully decorated with grooves design. Moving on we entering the amazingly designed spacious living area. The living area is designed in the left side. The wooden works and the color combination bring the tremendously beautiful look to living area. There is a place for put the TV. Ceiling work done with hanging bulb and LED spot lights. It gives good ambiance to this area. Stylish curtains also arranged here. white color pergola design used here instead of wall. Ceiling work amazingly done here. We proceeded into the dining room. A standard-sized table and chairs are set up here. Let’s take a look at the interior design. There is also a well-set washing area. White color basin, mirror and wooden storage cabin gives very attractive look. This is the stair area.. Here, a wooden frame with glass railings is used. Ceiling work done in an appealing manner with stylish hanging bulbs and LED spot lights. This is the sitting area. This place has been designed so beautifully. A nice color patterned sofa set are arranged there. This is the exquisitely designed patio. Beautiful indoor plants and sitting arrangements are set here. this is the prayer area.

Next we are going to check the bedrooms. two bedrooms are planned for the ground floor. This is the first and beautiful bedroom. Exceptional interior design work has been done. The double cot bed and curtains are elegantly arranged. This is also a bath attached bedroom. Second bedroom designed beautifully. This is a bedroom with a bath. This room has a double cot bed, wardrobes, and beautiful curtains. Simple ceiling work is done here. Next, we’ll inspect the kitchen. This is a modular kitchen with stunning arrangements. The grey color cabinets and white color walls look fantastic together. A small sized table set arranged here. kitchen leads to work area. More racks and shelves set here. Come with us, let’s check the first floor. This is the upper living area. Stylish sofa set, curtains and the TV unit are set here. Beautiful hanging bulbs and led spot lights are arranged here. This is the first bedroom in first floor. Double cot bed, wardrobes and beautiful curtains are done here. Simply elegant ceiling design with led spot light brings eye catching view to this bedroom. This is also a bath attached bedroom. Balcony area designed very elegantly. wooden frame with glass barricades are used here. exterior wall completely designed with ceramic wall tiles. This is the second bath attached bedroom in first floor. Beautifully designed wardrobes are designed here. Ceiling works are simply elegant like previous one. The bathroom was designed with all facilities. Totally this is a stylish home design with elegant exterior outlook. 

Additional details

Design ID – HMZ060323 4 bedroom 4 attached
Built up area – 3000 sqft dining
bedroom – 4 kitchen
sit out work area
living balcony


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