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Fantabulous home with cool interior design

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Resort style home | Fantabulous home with cool interior design

Welcome back…This is a fantabulous home with cool interior design. One of the attractions of this house is the scenic environment. Land yard is executed very well with lawn. And four sides of yard is walled. Unlike other houses, the exterior of this house is beautifully desugn with the glass. At the front, a porch and an adjacent pool have been designed. Only a small space is arranged for sit out

Moving on we entering a beautifully and neatly arranged interior area. Firstly we can see living space with spacious. Stylish sofa sets with cusions are placed here. Cute hanging bulbs and spot lights add to the beauty of this living room.The living room is designed next to the staircase.

Here the staircase is designed differently from the regular concrete stair case. Railings also designed stylishly with safety manner. Instead of the windows that we usually use, open-style windows are used. Beautiful curtains have been used here. This design is mostly seen in foreign countries, but now it is also seen in our country. Next we going to check the dining area. Wooden table with chairs are placed here. Similarly, the small rack and cupboards set on top of it. This is the another sitting area with beautiful sofa set. Washing area is designed here with mirror and cupboard. The kitchen is designed to be accessible from the dining room. This is a modular kitchen that is small but beautifully designed with all facilities. More wardrobes are arranged here with white colour pattern. Matching color flooring tiles and wall tiles are used here. Near to the kitchen a small working area is designed. Fire places shelves and racks are also arranged here.

Next we going to check the bedrooms. Two bedrooms are designed on the ground floor. The room is designed in such a way that you get a lot of privacy. This is the first bedroom. Grey andwhite colour themes are used for this bedroom. Double cot bed wrdrobes and a small office table spaces are arranged here. As the windows are in open style, we get a beautiful view from outside. It is a bath attached bedroom, near to this we get a dressing space with mirror and cupboard. The second bedroom also designed same as the previous one. Stylish grey colour pattern wardrobes and elegant white color wall paint bring the sleek look to this bedroom. Double cot bed beautiful curtains and indoor plant with pot are also placed in this bedroom. Going to the up stair we get a beautiful view from the outside through the open glass window.  A library area has been designed on one side with table and chair.

The balcony is designed in such a way that it is reached by four steps. The balcony is designed to be separate from the house. A vertical style grill has been used as a railing. Stylish sofa set with chairs are placed here. Then we going to check the up stair bedroom. Two bedrooms are designed here.  This is the first bedroom. The view of the pond outside can be seen through the open window. Double cot bed, dressing table with mirror and beautiful curtains and wardrobes bring awesome look to this bedroom. Let’s check the last bedroom. This is a small bedroom. Ceiling are done differently from the previous ones. Some area of the roofing are done with glass, it helps to more lightening in the bedroom. Double cot bed wardrobes and bathroom facilities are arranged in this bedroom. Now we are completely check all the areas of this outstanding modern home. Thanks for watching….

Additional details

Design ID – HMZ231222 kitchen
Bedroom – 4 work area
Ground Floor First floor
porch 2 bedroom 2 attached
sit out office area
2 Bedroom 2 attached living
living balcony
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