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Marvelous single storey home with best interior work

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Today we come up with a new home tour. It is a Marvelous single storey home tour with best exterior and interior work. Traditional style roofing bronze are completely pasted on the slope roofing. Vast spaced awesome land yard is set here. Porch is designed at the left side, separately from the home design.

It is a 4 bhk home deign with modern facilities. Total built up area of this Marvelous single storey home with best interior work is 2900 sq ft. And total construction cost is 95 lakh. White and black color combinations of paint bring the classy look. Simply designed sit out is supported with a extra thickness pillars. Beautiful ceramic caddies also pasted on the exterior portion of the pillar. More seating places are arranged here. Windows, doors and LED spot lights are bring the elegant view to the sit out.

4 bk single storey home design 

Firstly we check the living area. This house has two living area, let’s check the first one. The washing area provided in the middle off main living and dining area. Next we move to the family living area. Marvelous single storey home with best interior work. Vast spaced stylish dining area with dining tables and chairs are arranged . Side wall also decorated with beautiful wall sticker. Let’s check the interior work. Near to this we can see a amazing indoor area. Interior design and ceiling works are done very well, beautiful indoor plants also bring the eye catching look. Let’s check the all arrangements of here.

Washing area designed attractively with beautiful wall tiles, mirror and storage cabin. A beautiful courtyard is provided near to the family living area, let’s check now. Now we are going to check the bedrooms. This is the first bath attached bedroom. . All settings are done very neatly and attractively. Let’s check the second bedroom. Double cot bed, wardrobes are arranged here. Ceiling works are designed stylishly with LED spot light. A common bath room is designed near this bedroom. Moving on we reached the next beautiful bedroom. Side wall is decorated with gorgeous wall sticker. Wardrobes, curtains and ceiling works are beautifully arranged here.

Fourth bedroom also designed as the same pattern of the previous one. Different wall stickers are used for decorating the wall area. Let’s check the other interior settings. At last we are going to check the kitchen area. Kitchen is designed near the dining room. Vast spaced amazing modular kitchen is set here. Wall tiles and cupboard color combination bring the awesome look to kitchen. Fire places, shelves and racks are neatly arranged.

Now we completely check all the area of this stylish single floor home. Designers try to bring the eye soothing view to inside the home, they have succeeded in that. Thanks for watching our video. Feed your valuable comments in comment box. Also keep touch with us….


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