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Prefabricated Modular Houses 

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Prefabricated Modular Houses 

The all models of Prefabricated Modular Houses of ROSE HOUSE is their dream project to come up with a new construction method without destroying nature. They amended a new construction method, like buying a car or bus. This can be manufactured as your size and model as you required .

Roofing should be given high priority depending on every climate. All the content they need will be place at ready made in their place with all the amenities including land scaping. The main advantages of this homes that we can hand over to other people without tearing it down. So this is a 100% zero wastage construction. This MH 100 model has 100 sq ft, 2 bed space, toilet, kitchen and work space .

Buy houses like a car or bus

This construction is more usable for the resort field. It take less time for construction compare to other construction. And this is used as a farm house, second homes, resort, vacation houses etc… and also it can placed in front of our home or garden or any other property like a second home. Also it suitable for guest houses or out house. This MH 500 home has 500 sq ft. sit out, hall, 2 bedroom, kitchen and store room Most people doubt whether this house is secure and which material is used for it etc… so they constructed 6 houses here from 77 sq ft to 500 sq ft to answer your doubts.

You must come here and you can look into each houses. They using the same material and manners for the normal construction, except of cement, metal and sand. They using steel fabrication, cement board, wood, WC pallets, aluminium pallets and all other movable things. And you never reach other exterior resources for this house because all over exterior and interior works are included in it.

Today world all are busy. so it’s an easy construction to build without spending a lot of time building a house in this busy life. This can be manufactured as your size and model as you required. The method used is to do all the work in the factory and install it on the site. 90% works are done in factory and only 10% works are in sites with less time duration. This MH 77 model has 77 Square feet, 2 bed space, toilet and kitchen.

Another doubt based on this construction is take sanction from the government authorities . This house also needs all the paperwork that needs to be ready when building normal houses. They will provide all the paperwork required for this and it will be approved on submission This MH 200 prefab home has 200 square feet, 1 bed, toilet, kitchen and work space They make it in their own factory. So you can share your thoughts with them. They will make your dream house in less period of time.

This MH 180 wood house has 180 square feet, 1 bed, toilet, kitchen and work space. This MH 110 modular home has 110 square feet, 1 bed, toilet, kitchen and work space This factory is situated Thumboor village in Irinjalakuda, Trissur Kerala. Their factory and show room is situated here also. You can contact them for any of your enquiries. Company name is ROSE HOUSE. This is a new venture of them, so they dedicated this product for you. 

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