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HomeHouse design2200 sq ft duplex home design with stunning outlook

2200 sq ft duplex home design with stunning outlook

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2200 sq ft duplex home design with stunning outlook

Every one wants to own beautiful home design. Today we present a 2200 sq ft duplex home design with stunning outlook. It is a 4bhk home design with modern out look. Exterior design is done very attractively.

This 2200 sq ft duplex home design with stunning outlook home included all modern facilities with spacious. Porch, sit out, living, dining, kitchen, work area and 2 bed with attached bath. And 2 bed with attached bath , balcony, upper living . The total built up area of this 2200 sq ft duplex home design with stunning out look is 2200 square feet area. Required land area is 8 cent plot. Estimated construction cost of this beautiful 4 bhk home design is 36 lakh.


It is a contemporary style home design. Flat and slope roofing are used here. Open style normal sized sit out is attached with the porch. Porch is supported with the extra thickness 3 pillars. Half area of the pillars are decorated with the ceramic wall caddies. And same pattern pillars are used as sit out supporting pillars. Slope roofings are used for the porch , traditional style roofing bronze are  completely pasted on the slope roofing.

Railing stick designs are used at the roofing edge are of sit out and porch. Windows and doors are designed very well, made by wood.   Two large heighted wall is decorated with the ceramic caddies same as pillar tiles.  Sun roofing are slope style with roofing bronze. Awesome land yard and planting area is set in front of the home.

Look at the first floor, balcony is designed at the straight top of the sit out with glass and wooden frame barricade. Windows and doors are same pattern as sit out. Balcony is supported with a pillar with horizontal grooves line design. And wooden style caddies are pasted at the exterior wall of first floor.

Elegant white color paints are used here. It is suitable for small and large families also. Totally this is a outstanding home design on contemporary style. If any one interested on this 2200 sq ft duplex home design with stunning outlook design, contact us. And visit our website Homezonline.in  for getting wide variety collections of home designs…

Additional details

Design ID – HMZ5322 dining
Bedroom – 4 kitchen
Built up Area – 2200 sq ft work area
Land area – 8 cent First floor
Ground Floor 2bedroom 2attached
sit out living
 2 Bedroom 2 attached balcony
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