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HomeHouse design77 sq ft readymade home with 2 bed spaces

77 sq ft readymade home with 2 bed spaces

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77 sq ft readymade home with 2 bed spaces

Homezonline always  bring wide variety of home designs for you. So our designers try to present different pattern home design for different countries peoples. Today we present that type of home design. It is a 77 sq ft readymade home with 2 bed spaces. This home look like a hexagonal shape with 2 bed spaces, kitchen, toilet also.

Estimated construction cost is 1 lakh. Total built up area of this 77 sq ft readymade home with 2 bed spaces is 77 square feet. It is a loft style home with hexagonal shape.

Hexagonal shaped ready made home

White and red color combination of paint is used here on the wall. It bring the beautiful look to this home. A small four steps stair with railing are done to entering the home. Stylish windows and doors designed here.  Doors are designed with Grille style stick with glass covering, unbreakable strong glasses are used here for that.

Traditional style roofing bronze are used on the roofing. And a square shaped dormer are done on the roofing with roofing bronze. Totally this is a beautiful readymade home suitable for less land area. If you like this ready made home contact us for further information. Keep touch with us for getting wide variety collections of home designs..

Additional details

Design ID – HMZA19522 2 bedroom
Bedroom – 2 living
Built up Area – 1400 sq ft toilet
Ground floor kitchen
sit out dining
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