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HomeHouse designBeautiful ground floor house with elegant outdoor design

Beautiful ground floor house with elegant outdoor design

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Beautiful ground floor house with elegant exterior design

We would like to introduce a beautiful ground floor house . Our goal is getting designs to suit your needs . The total area of this home is  1100 square feet . Its a beautiful single storey home with an elegant exterior. This stunning single floor home architecture have an estimated construction cost of 18 lakhs. This fantastic Design is provided by D-Arc builders and developers and a mixed roof is choose here.

At the first  view this design like a box type design. Sit out, dining, 2 bed room bath attached, living kitchen are included in this home. Vast space sit out are provided here. And a thick pillar placed right side of the sit out, this pillar are decorated with wooden colour caddies. So this pillar is more attractive at the first sight. Windows and doors are simply to modern made by wooden materials.

Front side window portions are designed using projection wall , it look like a box structure for getting  more attraction. Right and left end of the front wall are beautifully painted. Grey colour paint given the extra ordinary look. Flat roof designs are used here. But the top roof is simply flat and sliding model. 4 horizontal line steel rails are used on the  front area parapet, and a flat type simple roof are covered on these area for getting a style.

Some portion of the  stair room wall also decorated with caddies, and a door are set here. That door  like as the main door . White and Grey colour combination paint gives more stunning look to this built.  Some variety shade of caddies are placed on the right side window wall .A box like  projection wall also designed here , so these caddies are  used to fill that portion. Totally here we get a single storey home design with beautifully elegant look.

Additional details

Design ID – DRC11020 sit out
Bedroom – 2 2 bedroom 2 attached
Built up Area – 1100 sq ft living
Land area – 5 cent kitchen
Ground floor dining , work area
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