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HomeHouse designBrick style single storey home design

Brick style single storey home design

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Brick style single storey home design

Dreams are always an amazing part of our life. Now a days people really love single floor designs. Browse our stylish Brick style single storey home design and enjoy this beautiful design. This house have 3 bedrooms with two attached baths. Total area of this house is 1158 square feet and the approximate construction cost is 18 lakh. Required land area for this built is 6 cent plot.

This type falls under the single storey and budget friendly category. The design works used are ravishing and astonishing. This is a contemporery style home design. Gable, slope and flat roofing are used here. Dark color pattern roofing bronze are pasted on the gable roof. Mainly included areas sit out, living, dinning, 3 bed with 2 attached baths, common toilet, kitchen, store, work area and stair room. Hence this gives attractive views to this home. This home get a classy look because of its brick style design.

Brick style single storey home in 1158 sq ft

Most area of wall is designed like a brick style, it is the main attraction of this design, and also different from the other homes. Box style projected wall is designed at the entering portion of sit out. At the left side we can see a window along with glass sun side with pergolas.

At the left side wall we can see a large sized box style projected wall. All side windows are designed in it. We can see horizontal line design on the gable vent area. At the right side top area we can see box style small sized windows. It helps to entering more lights inside the home and also increase the visibility.

At the top we can see flat and slope roofing.  Stair room wall also decorated like a brick. We get vast spaced open terrace with parapet here. The works used in the exterior is very simple and easily attractive. It’s a new model nowadays seen in the plans.All together this Brick style single storey home design will not dump your dream if you chose it.

Additional details

Design ID – HMZ4321 sit out
Bedroom – 2 2 bedroom 2 attached
Built up Area – 1158sq ft living
Land area – 6 cent kitchen
Ground floor dining , work area
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