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HomeHouse designBungalow house designs on 5 bedroom

Bungalow house designs on 5 bedroom

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Bungalow house designs on 5 bedroom

A beautiful Bungalow house is are you looking for? This bungalow house designs has 5 bedroom with attached bathrooms, which is an Asian architectural form and design originated in the countryside of India.

Al though the total area of this home is 3800 square feet (353 Square Meter) and (422 Square Yard) . A Luxury sloping roof in gable roof is design is choose to this home, For instance. This bungalow house designs double storey home can be constructed with a estimated construction cost of Rs.65 lakhs. This Design is provided by D-Arc Builders.

Bungalow house designs  home features

This bungalow is a very big with low-pitched roof lines on a gabled roof with overhanging eaves. Since, its a bungalow, its upper rooms are set with dormer windows. A pure white color paint is given to the walls of this home along with grey roofs.

This bungalow has 3 bedrooms with attached toilet in ground floor and 2 bedrooms with attached toilet in 1st floor, for instance a garage, living room, a spacious dining and kitchen. The sit-out of this bungalow is very classy with an arched ceiling. Al though a gable roof with arched opening is provided for the balcony.

A monument of a lady is place at the front portion of the bungalow. Hence this give  an additional show to this bungalow. An inclined sunshade is given to the walls especially to the gable roofed walls. Wooden railings are used for the open terrace and the balcony. This bungalow is rich in its simplicity but with all luxurious amenities. A minimalist theme is choose for this design.

If you like this design or needs to get its floor plan, then don’t hesitate to contact us. HOMEZONLINE has much more categories.. Check out our categories for another types of home designs. Al though you can customize your dream home along with us. This is a fantastic design , you never dislike this


Additional Details

Additional details

Design ID – HMZC231122 dining
Bedroom – 5 kitchen
Built up Area – 3800 sq ft work area
Land area – 10 cent First floor
Ground Floor 2bedroom 2attached
sit out living
 3 Bedroom 3 attached balcony
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