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contemporary architecture with modern roof design

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contemporary architecture with modern roof design

Have you ever tried a Modern contemporary architecture on 4 bedroom . It is a modern roof design house on double floor, and it will attract anyone at one glance. The house wall painting has done very well. The blue and white colour combination brings extra impression to the house. The total area of house is 2275 square feet.

Duplex homes are likely a big house with all modern amenities in it. Unlikely with ordinary home designs, here the wall is pasted with tiles mostly covering all spaces. This is a mixed roof style home. Modern structural works are used in this design. Box structure feeling is done in the front area. Sit out is pulled in. Large windows are used for enough light passage.

Contemporary architecture house

Wood windows are used in this plan. One panel, 2 panel, 3 panel windows are used. L shape cutting designs are given periodically. Amenities includes sit out, living, dining, kitchen, prayer room, store room and 2 bedroom with attached bathroom in ground floor.

On the first floor we have 2 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a living and balcony. Ordinary type balcony without much designs are built here. Mostly used flat roof in this plan. But only one area is made slope for a bedroom in the upper floor. Unlikely to other plan, this plan has a closed sit out. Thin pillars are used for support. Porch is made ordinary style to the right of sit out.

The plan of this duplex home is amazingly done to catch the mind of viewers. One at a glance, viewers will find its beauty and chose this plan. The elevation looks like something grasping abstract models. Every person chose a home like this to move in. The cladding style tile can be replaced by horizontal grooves also in this plan. But better one is cladding tiles.

Additional details

Design ID – HMZE10522 dining
Bedroom – 4 kitchen
Built up Area – 2275 sq ft work area
Land area – 6 cent First floor
Ground Floor 2bedroom 2attached
sit out living
 2 Bedroom 2 attached balcony
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