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HomeHouse designFlat roof design ideas in contemporary house

Flat roof design ideas in contemporary house

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Flat roof design ideas in contemporary house

Are you looking for a modern house roof design with charming exterior? Today homezonline presenting a beautiful flat roof design ideas in a double story. The total area is 2000 square feet and the estimated construction cost is 34 lakhs. If you like this design then kindly contact us and  Check out our latest collections in other categories too.

In this design we can see more show wall, cutting walls and projection walls . An open style sit out with normal space that are attached to the porch. Porch is designed with pergolas, done on the side wall and roof edges also. Grille style modern windows are designed here. At the entering area of sit out we can see a box style projection show wall, that wall is completely covered with beautiful wall tiles.

Flat roof design ideas with charming exterior

Near to this design we can see more show wall and a projection show all at the right side. Heighted projection wall decorated with wall tiles and at the top of pergolas. These wall is projected to the top . Near to this we can see two style show wall , one is decorated with grey color paint with horizontal grooves and other is beautiful cladding tiles.

Beside the porch we can see a heighted another wall with pergola that are also projected to the top of the home. Al sunroof are flat style with supporting sticks are used here. Look at the balcony, we can see the balcony on the top of the sit out. some pergolas and area is designed with railing, it increases the beauty of balcony from the exterior. And horizontal vent are designed on the top. This one built with giving high importance to the fresh air enter the home.

The designers took more efforts to make this beautiful flat roof home design. The painting is leading great result to home.

Additional details

Design ID – HMZE22422 dining
Bedroom – 4 kitchen
Built up Area – 2000 sq ft work area
Land area – 8 cent First floor
Ground Floor 2bedroom 2attached
sit out living
 2 Bedroom 2 attached balcony
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