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HomeHouse designLow cost house design with sloped roof  porch

Low cost house design with sloped roof  porch

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Low cost house design with sloped roof  porch

A fantastic low cost house design on contemporary design style. This house have 2 bedrooms attached, hall and kitchen and a special prayer room. The total estimated construction cost of this home is Rs. 18 lakhs. The total area of this  low cost house design is 1076 Square feet (99.96 Square Meter) (119.56 Square Yard). This beautiful design is provided by D-Arc builders and designers.

Low cost house design |Highlights of this simple home

The main highlight of this home is its roofing. Both traditional slope roof and flat roof are using here for this home. When traditional roof is gave for the car porch, without hesitation a flat roof is gave for the rest portion of the home.

This home have a dashing exterior with minimum decor items. A show wall with cladding work is elongated from the parapet. This have 3 impression boxes at its wall. Similarly same decor work is given at the stair rooms wall too. Pergolas are gave to the stair room instead of the window.

A beautiful car porch with simple pillar is constructed for this home. This pillar has a very simple cutting works in it. More over sit out of this home much more elegant, This design have a simple and spacious sit out for spending with your neighbors in your leisure time. A beautiful landscaping is given to the garden for a peaceful atmosphere.

So that you get a chance to mingle with nature in your free time. A rock cladding work is gave to the car porch at its gable area. This 18 lakhs home has 2 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a sit out, hall, pooja room, kitchen etc. What else for 18 lakhs? This is a great deal for your budget. If you like this house design, or if you want to own its floor plan, to clarify your queries.. Kindly contact us.


Additional details

Design ID – HMZD71122 sit out
Bedroom – 2 2 bedroom 2 attached
Built up Area – 1076 sq ft living
Land area – 5 cent kitchen
Ground floor dining , work area
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