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HomeHouse designModern architecture house in 2200 Sq Ft

Modern architecture house in 2200 Sq Ft

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Modern architecture house in 2200 Sq Ft

A modern architecture house in 2200 square feet (204 square meter). This house have 4 bedroom with a beautiful contemporary house architecture. This home designed in a beautiful look, Design provided by Akbar Land Mark

Shapes are very important in any design along with color, style etc. Since its a contemporary home, we give a minimalist feature to this. This home is very attractive because of its show walls. This home gets a box type design because of its show walls . Another highlight of this home is Pergolas.

Modern architecture house| beautiful contemporary house design

Pergolas are provided consequently at garage, sunshades and even for balcony, so that this makes much more elegance. Horizontal and vertical Pergolas gives an attraction to the garage. Slope roof are used on garage. An extra thickness projection wall is designed here.

Sit out has open style vast spaces are available here. Railing pipe designs are done on roof edges and also slope are designed here. color pattern roof tiles are pasted on all roofs. Slope and gable roof are most used her. So we can get a modern traditional look also. Large sized single panel windows are designed in sit out. Near to sit out we get a box style wall with horizontal grooves designs. And a projection wall also placed here around the window.

Above this design we get balcony, supported with two thick pillars. Pillars are covered with wall tiles. Railing pipe works are done on the drim edges. At right side near to balcony we can see three box style design covered with glass.  All sunroofs like flat model. Many cutting and projection walls are used in this modern architecture house design. Top roofs are  the mixture of slope and gable roof. Roof tiles are pasted on it.

Additional Details

Ground Floor 7. Work area
1. Sit out 8. Store
2. Living 9. Porch
3. Dining First Floor
4. 2 bed roons 1. 2 bed  2 attached
5. Attached baths 2 2. Living, Balcony
6. Kitchen Design ID – HMZA16922
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