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Modern flat roof house design

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Modern flat roof house design

A box type  homes are very frequently find in Kerala. Since this shaped homes are very simple in appearance. This modern flat roof house design can be constructed in 6 cent plot ie, an approximate of 243 square meter.

This is a contemporary box type home with a beautiful color combination. Since its a contemporary home, a minimum usage of unnecessary decorative features are using here. The total area of this  modern flat roof design home is 2150 Sq ft (200 Square Meter) and (191 Square Yard).

Since a lot of customers comes to us for a unique design so that we had prepared this elevation for them. So that such type design is designed by Architect Sakariya Ahammed, Build Arc.

Modern flat roof house in 6 cent plot

Shapes are very important in any design along with color, style etc. Since its a contemporary home, we give a minimalist feature to this. This home is very attractive because of its show walls. This home gets a box type design because of its show walls .

Another highlight of this home is Pergolas. Pergolas are provided consequently at garage, sunshades and even for balcony, so that this makes much more elegance. Horizontal and vertical Pergolas gives an attraction to the garage.

In addition to that Pergolas are provided at balcony, and sunshade too.. More over a minimalist featuring has been given to this contemporary home. Although a wooden furnished cladding are given to the exterior , hence this gives an elegant look with the white and black paint and in addition to that the windows have square shapes in order to match the shape of the home.

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Additional details

Design ID – HMZC191122 dining
Bedroom – 4 kitchen
Built up Area – 2150 sq ft work area
Land area – 6 cent First floor
Ground Floor 2bedroom 2attached
sit out living
 2 Bedroom 2 attached  balcony


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