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HomeHouse designModern house roof design on double sotrey

Modern house roof design on double sotrey

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Modern house roof design on double sotrey

Hey, if you do not mind please follow us. A voyage through modern house roof design on double storey. All of us among know the importance of an amazing home. Its have a lot of features. Mainly an house is build for a people to live. Most of the contemporary and modern houses have special areas or rooms for people to do the things that they need to live more comfortably with in an luxuriant apartment. Do you have a phantasm to construct a gracious double storey home with all convenience facility? Now we are going to introduce a modern house roof design on double storey.

Similarly, first of all we can speak out its exterior dividend. Exterior compartment consist of pillars, steps, cladding, pergolas etc. Sit out, spacious living hall, 1 bedroom with attached toilet and other bedroom its self in the left side of living hall both of them just opposite to each other. Common bathroom, dining hall, work area, kitchen, stair case this all consist of ground floor.

Now we can foot step to first floor stair room, living area, 1 bedroom with attached bath, balcony, open terrace. Pergolas given in front of sit out near wall, cladding are in front wall open terrace. shaded pillars all of this decorations give more attraction to this modern contemporary home. A multi generation conceived home meets with the modern and traditional values for its residents.

 modern house roof design with mind blowing view

The physical form of this home is a fusion of various geometrical shapes. Here cubical and box type pattern along with traditional pitched roof design. The total land area used for constructing this duplex home 5 cent plot and this contemporary home estimated construction area is with in 1400 square feet. Complete budget needed for its construction is about 21-30 according to our wish colour may vary. Although, here we applied white, black and brown colour combination. Flat roofs are mostly awarded for this duplex modern home.

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Additional details

Design ID – HMZC41122 dining
Bedroom – 3 kitchen
Built up Area – 1400 sq ft work area
Land area – 5 cent First floor
Ground Floor 1bedroom 1attached
sit out living
 2 Bedroom 2 attached balcony
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