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Modern single floor home design

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Modern single floor home design

Now a days people are mostly liked to built single floor home design with all amenities. Today we come up with modern single floor home design with in 1133 square feet area. It includes sit out, living, dining, two bed with attached bath, work area, porch. Required land area provided for built this design is 6 cent land plot.

Beautiful porch with pergola and  open style porch is designed here. Box style open style sit out with vast space is available. sit out is projected to the out side from the main area. so it give more attractive look to this design. Sit out is supported with two thick pillars. Windows and doors are simple design with white color paint.

Modern single floor home design in 6 cent plot

Beside the sit out we can see a brick style wall with flat roof and cutting wall. Large sized glass style window is designed on this wall. There is no stair room. Only open terrace is available at the top. This  is an box style flat roof design. Some box style pergolas done on the parapets. White and olive green color paint give smore attractive look to this design. Beautiful grass plate yard is set here.

So we were talking about a budget home in single floor design. The total cost for this plan construction is 21 lakh approximate. The works used in the exterior is very simple and easily attractive. Projection walls and brick style wall are other models seen in this plan which provides an elegant appearance to this home. Many types of designs are available in the plans with customization.

So In homezonline we are trying day by day to provide such plans to our customers who search for single storey or double storey homes or whatever in the category. Our main is to satisfy the customers without spending much time. Time is worth big to all of us. So we would process all our plans and elevations so fast with the great team work available.

Additional details

Design ID – HMZ29121 sit out
Bedroom – 2 2 bedroom 2 attached
Built up Area – 1133 sq ft living
Land area – 6 cent kitchen
Ground floor dining , work area
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