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HomeHouse designNalukettu style Kerala home with nice looking outside view

Nalukettu style Kerala home with nice looking outside view

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Nalukettu style Kerala home with nice looking outside view

Nalukettu style Kerala home is the traditional homestead of old Tharavadu where many generations of a matrilineal family lived. These types of buildings are typically found in the Indian state of Kerala. The traditional architecture is typically a rectangular structure where four halls are joined together with a central courtyard open to the sky.

Long back in Kerala, we had houses built in traditional style with nalukettu and stones without masonry but polish works done. These types are very stylish and built with 4 halls in rectangular shape joined together making a courtyard in the center. All sides resembles the same entrance and the roofing used is old type.This home consists of 6 bedrooms which is vast enough for a big joint family.

Traditional Kerala style home in nalukettu

Total construction cost for building is 95 lakh. Total area of construction is 4000 sq ft. Pillars are main structures used in this type of construction. Porch is made large enough to accommodate 2 cars. Roof are mostly made
in slope with a a special structure used all sides. Which is also made in porch too. Cladding stones are pasted in the frontal walls.

Gardening is done to the sides beautifully.  This is a double storey structure.
Facilities in this home are sit out, living, dining, 4 bedroom with attached bathroom, work area, kitchen and store room. Servant room are available in this home which is almost not common in Kerala models. First floor consists of 2 bedroom and living area. The colors chosen here is similar to red which is a sign of love towards earth, which I can say is the sand color.

This types comes under luxury designs. Cost is bit high. Those who can afford these types designs can go for this.

Additional details

Design ID – ERM7420A dining
Bedroom – 6 kitchen
Built up Area – 4000 sq ft work area
Land area – 15 cent First floor
Ground Floor 2bedroom 2attached
sit out living
 4 Bedroom 4 attached balcony
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