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HomeHouse designNew brand duplex home in 1480 sq ft

New brand duplex home in 1480 sq ft

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New brand duplex home in 1480 sq ft

It is a budget friendly New brand duplex  home in 1480 sq ft design in modern architecture. The estimated construction cost of this stunning house design  is Rs. 26  lakhs. This is a stunning home design , you will definitely like this.

A brown and white color combination is using here, in order to get a maximum attention.  Similarly home will be  much more attractive with the usage of  slope and flat roofs. Required land area for this New brand duplex home in 1480 sq ft is 7 cent plot.

A highlighting show wall with a beautiful decor work is gave in front of the house along with cladding work. More cutting edge walls bring the trending look to the design.

Eye catching exterior design with mixed roofing

All sunroofs are flat style . Very small sized sit out is look like  a box style supported with a pillar, beautiful decorative works are done on the pillar. Windows and doors are designed awesomely. Two set single panel windows and one panel door are set in sit out.

At the right side we can see a beautiful wall with grey color caddies along with brown color projected L shaped wall.  Small pergola works are done on the cutting wall.  Beside the sit out we can see a heighten show wall decorated with beautiful caddies.

Also at the left side we can see a box style projected curing wall around the window with horizontal grooves line design are done here. Small area balcony is designed at the top of the sit out with pergolas along with flat roofing. At the top we can see slope and flat roofing.

Totally this New brand duplex home in 1480 sq ft design home is differ from the others because of its decoration work. . If any one wants to built this unique exterior designed home, contact us. And also keep touch with us to get variety home designs in different categories….

Additional details

Design ID – HMZ111221 dining
Bedroom – 4 kitchen
Built up Area – 1480 sq ft work area
Land area – 7 cent First floor
Ground Floor 2bedroom 2attached
sit out living
 2 Bedroom 2 attached balcony
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