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Simple one story home

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Simple one story home planned in 2 bedroom with outside porch

A modern Simple one story home planed in 2 bedroom.  The total area of this home is  980 square feet without porch. Its a beautiful single storey home with an elegant exterior. This stunning single floor home architecture have an estimated construction cost of 18 lakhs. This fantastic Design is provided by D-Arc builders and developers and a mixed roof is choose here.

The main highlight of this home is its sloped roof and curved roof. Sloped roofs are construct in a zigzag way ie, they place separately. Hence this has a cottage look. A simple and elegant sit out is given for this home. Pillars have Cladding works at their bottom. This will make an extra show. A thicker wall with impression are given up to the gable area.

Modern simple one story home plan

As we discussed about the curved roofs, they make asymmetry of the plan. One of the roof is gable, other one is slope and one is flat and other is curved. Sit out area is open as compared to every plan. Wall décor works are included in this plan to give the exterior view something more attractive. Unlikely to all common plans, we have a porch here and it is detached One. Porches mainly have a connection with sit out. But here, the area is chosen wisely to one end so that the front area of the sit out is made open.

All the common amenities are available here. Bedrooms are bath attached and only 2 in number. Color combination of the home is stunning as it is white and black. Shapes and structures play a vital role in making the home design abstract. Here we have chosen wisely all the shapes and lines of structure to meet adequate exterior view. Roofing tiles are given to give the complete lookup of this home. This small home can be a great choice if your requirement falls under 1000 square feet.

Additional details

Design ID – DRC28420 sit out
Bedroom – 2 2 bedroom 2 attached
Built up Area – 980 sq ft living
Land area – 5 cent kitchen
Ground floor dining , work area
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