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Small beautiful home design

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Small beautiful home design

Here we come up with new style small beautiful home design with elegant exterior view. This is a 2 bedrooms with attached bathroom design and also included all other features like sit out, dining, living, kitchen work area, store, stair room with modern style.

For the construction of this small beautiful home design is completed on 15 lakh construction cost and total built in area is 975 square feet. Total land space for this construction is 5 cent land plot.

It is a modern contemporary style design, combination of flat and gable roof designs are used here. Vast space and open style sit out is arranged here. and also sit out is supported with a normal size thick pillar. we get vast space here for arranging sitting places like chairs, benches etc..

Small beautiful home design with elegant exterior on 975 sq ft

Windows and doors are simply awesome and made by wood. Sit out designed like a box style. And also we can see a projection wall besides the window at the left side. That wall is designed well , painted with two color combination of paints. Half portion is painted with golden yellowish color and remaining area with white color. Gable style roofing is used here.

At the right side we can see a show wall, designed with brick style wall tiles. And also electrical lights are given here. Looking to the first floor we get an vast space open terrace. Simple style stair room is designed here, No more cutting works are not used here. Layered flat roof are used at the top and elegent black color paints are used in between them. Also some electrical lights are given here. The white and golden yellowish color combination of paint give more fabulous look to this design.

Awesome court yard is designed here and also set beautiful garden.  This is a beautiful budget friendly small home design that every one liked it. If you like this small contemporary home design , contact us and also visit our web page for getting more beautiful modern design in different categories.

Additional details

Design ID – HMZ14121 sit out
Bedroom – 2 2 bedroom 2 attached
Built up Area – 975 sq ft living
Land area – 5 cent kitchen
Ground floor dining , work area
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