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White colour house inspirational house

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White colour house a inspirational house

White colour represent calm and peace. Its colour is brighter than others, it gives a fresh mood to us and beauty to house. Browse our stylish white colour house and enjoy this beautiful design. This house have 3 bedrooms with two attached baths. Total area of this house is 1541 square feet and the approximate construction cost is 26 lakh

Most of the people find it loving with the white paint being used for the furnishing of the home. It’s color gives the home a beautiful look and freshness. This type falls under the single storey and budget friendly category. The design works used are ravishing and astonishing. This is not a simple work in the barricades. It’s little complex and more time consuming. Even though it adds beauty to this home.

White colour house exterior color schemes

Commonly home are built with pillars to support the main slab and give a holding. This generally has one at a place. But here we see two at a place with round shape. The white touch allover the home gives the elevation a good look and one out from the crowd. This enormous design will catch most people mind because it has a feel to convey and healing capacity.

White paint carries the flag of peace everywhere. So this home can be a representation of this type and make the people living in there happily.
No doubt in this freshness feel given by the white paint since the feel will be easily cat he’d when you enter the home. Porch is available in the front area attached to the sit out. It is mainly seen in colonial homes though. Surely makes this favorite home for me. 

Additional details

Design ID – HMZE14522 sit out
Bedroom – 3 2 bedroom 2 attached
Built up Area – 1541 sq ft living
Land area – 5 cent kitchen
Ground floor dining , work area
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