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Modern bedroom design to make your home smart

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Modern bedroom design to make your home smart

A beautiful modern bedroom design with a luxurious look is all you are looking for? Check out our beautiful interior of this bedroom. A spacious luxurious room with the color combination of white and light cream color.

A mesmerizing ceiling has been  given to these room with some wooden patch work And a good lighting has been given to the room by the ceiling lights..  This will give your room to a luxurious look. This rooms are highly recommendable to the newly wed.

A  box type bed with cot has been placed at the center of the room and a mix and match cozy blanket with floral design has been given to it. This will be  perfect  with the color combination of the room. The boarder light and ceiling lights can be separately dimmed so that you can adjust the lighting of the room.

Modern bedroom design light view

Beautiful bedroom design

A beautiful white criss-cross design pattern has been selected for the curtain and a wall painting  has been hanged in one of the wall. All the three walls are painted in white smooth texture and rest has some wooden patch work. This wooden texture gives a rich look to the bedroom. A deep brownish carpet has been placed just below the cot. This cozy bed room’s ceiling has been designed in a block pattern ie, some what rare.

Modern bedroom design

You can customize the color combination of this bedroom. A coral and a very light peach color combination has been given to the same bed room. By giving this color combination room got its elegant look to another level..The peachy appearance gives a fresh looks to the room.  We will get a freshness or a relaxed feel by entering in to this bedroom. Ceiling border and and block has been given in peach color so that this will reflect lights and gives an extra lighting to the room. If you like this interior design of this bedroom then kindly contact us.

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