Double storey home design

₹26 lakh for construction


Double storey home design with ravishing exterior look

Lets build an contemporary double storey home design with ravishing exterior look in our own wish. We all have a phantasm to create a home with in small budget. Now we can watch a Graciousness home with all accommodation available. Although the out standing look gives the viewers more delectation.

The over view of this contemporary home with double floor. Exterior portion Includes steps, pergolas, porch, show walls, dormer, pillars etc. Most of the roofs are inclined or slope roofing. Its give an out standing view. Land area utilize for constructing this duplex home with in 5 cent plot. Slope roofs and pillars varies this duplex home from other homes. Total area avail for the completion that is 1450 square feet.

Double storey home design Marvelous outdoor view

Now let us steps towards the sit out.mainly included areas sit out,living hall, dining hall, 2 bedrooms with attached bath, work area, kitchen, store, common bathroom in ground floor. Up stair there is stair room, hall, 1 bed room with attached bath, open terrace.

Pergolas applied opposite to the main entrance. From sit out next to living area. 2 bedrooms in further side of the sit out. Deflected staircase behind there is common bathroom. From living area it enters into dining hall there includes the wash base at one edge. Work area is the next part, store room also there.

Then our marvelous kitchen with attractive shelf. Up stair hall, up there 1 bed room with attached bath at the same area of ground floor bed room. Open terrace we can Fascinate the beauty of the environment. This all about the duplex home.

For the construction of this beautiful home requires 25 lakhs. So don’t forget to watch. I hope all of you like this beautiful duplex home. Now we can join with our other collection. Once again i am concluding and do not hesitate to watch our collections. Please contact us.

Additional Details of this double storey home design

Ground Floor 7. Store
1. Sit out 8. Work area
2. Living  9. Porch
3. Dining First Floor
4. 2 bed attached 1. 1 Bed attached
5. Common bath 2. Hall
6. Kitchen 3. Open terrace

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  1. Anish Anion

    You guys build these houses and provide?

    • mujeebdaze

      Specify your location

    • Swetha

      Hai I’m from Tamil Nadu . Will you please send me the plan of the house ?

      • mujeebdaze

        Wtsp on 9074 25 26 40

  2. Firoz Rahiman Chabuksavar Shaik

    If we give u 5cents of land and 26lakhs as mentioned

    You construct it fully and handover it ready ?? As in the pic ??

    • mujeebdaze

      Yes but our service currently only in Kerala

  3. Joshy

    How much time required for construction. Can u please send the plan

    • mujeebdaze

      below 6 months

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