Fabulous 2 bedroom home design on low budget price

₹13 lakh for construction


Fabulous 2 bedroom home design on low budget price

Have you think about a home under 1000 sq ft, then explore our fabulous 2 bedroom home.  A small family can fit in that can be built under 15 lakh and with almost exterior and interior designs added.

So we gathered here for you to make an impression among this stylish home. Do not miss this wonderful opportunity and never hesitate this presentation we presented in front of you. Make the things so faster,do not loss a single second do it right now.

Yes. It is the right one. You wonder what? This can fit in a small family in any type of environment. Plan is of 2 bedrooms and total area is 800 sq ft. Plan consists of mixed roof. Roofing tiles given to the front area. Pillars and walls are designed with a rectangular shape construction. Masonry design works given to the wall outside the bedroom and special paint is given here to separate this view.

Budget single floor home design

Plan has 2 bedrooms, sit out, dining, kitchen, work area and stair room.
As common open sit out is used. Flat sunshades are used for windows. Curved roof is built for stair room. Most part is flat roof though. This one is eye catchy and stunning plan. Home is simply awesome in white paint. Somewhere here and there a brownish touch structure appearing makes the combination an elegant one.

Those who dream to built a home with low financial background can chose this. They can afford this type plans. Moreover its a simple home in contemporary style.

Basic Details

Ground Floor  5.3 attached baths
1. Sit out 6. Work area
2. Dining 7. Kitchen
3. . Living 8.Porch
4. 2 bed rooms  

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    I liked your design like to discuss later in July 2020

    • mujeebdaze


  2. Nalin nishantha fernando

    Need make the home

    • mujeebdaze

      Are you from ? currently our service only in Kerala

  3. Anil Rodrigues

    Are these homes all located in Kerala.

    • mujeebdaze

      Yes currently in Kerala

  4. Praveen Nampelly

    I like your designs and I want to estimate the prices in my place, I am from rural area of Warangal district which is in Telangana state. If you operating here please give your contact details otherwise the lease help me with clear details like land cost, material cost and building labor cost.

    Thank you

    • mujeebdaze

      Sorry currently our service only in Kerala

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