Great looking single floor home design in 1400 Sq Ft

₹23 lakh for construction


Great looking single floor home design in 1400 Sq Ft

A great looking single floor across an area of 1400 sq ft, this house is a beautiful design. It is a combination of slop and flat roof model. It begins with sit out that will lead towards the entrance. The front door is open towards  living hall. The bedrooms are located right next to the living.In there doors are open to the living. The next area is utilizes for dinning. Next part is work area and store is also there. Kitchen with attractive shelf. Big dream of people to have a small but cute home is everlasting. People have different type of thinking capabilities and tastes.So in order to fulfill those one should catch the mind set of people easily. Big dreams are never a hard pile to achieve while we are around with you.

Homezonline database of single storey buildings and homes are widely being searched because of the budget friendly design and elegant look. Elevation look makes every one attractive to the plan. One first look at elevation to find its beauty. If he is satisfied then goes for the inner facilities. To discuss the inner amenities, he should feel satisfaction and happy with the elevation.

Modern and normal house front elevation design

So In homezonline we are trying day by day to provide such plans to our customers who search for single storey or double storey homes or whatever in the category. Our main is to satisfy the customers without spending much time. Time is worth big to all of us. So we would process all our plans and elevations so fastly with the great team work available.

The home here has a mixed roofing of slope and flat. Slope roof is only used for porch area, where we can see the pillars are built with splitting. So choosing this Great looking single floor home to build and move in and fulfill your dreams. Don’t wait to grab this great plan made for you.

Basic details
Ground Floor  5.3 bed 2 attached
1. Sit out 6. Common bath
2. Living 7. Kitchen
3. Dining 8. Store , work area
4. Prayer room 9. Porch

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