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Modern single storey house with 3 BHK

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Modern single storey house with 3 BHK

A 3 BHK modern single storey house with a beautiful sloping roof design. This house has a small and cute gable window also known as dormer window on the front roof of the house, hence it increases the beauty of the house.

The total area of this house is 1657 Square feet  (153 Square Meter) (ie, 184 Square Yards).  This Design is provided by Design Arc Builders.

Modern single storey house with Beautiful exterior features

This modern single storey house has a beautiful exterior with beautiful features.. A combination of white and light brown color uses for the exterior along with scarlet red roofing tiles. This home has a garage with sloped roof. The gable area of this garage has some wooden stick works.

A flat roof is using for the sit out. Similarly a steep sloped roof is also given to the rest portions. A beautiful cladding tiles are used for the front area of this home, which goes very well with the color combination.

This home has a sit out painted in white and white color, In addition to that a framed structure is used in the place of the parapet. A square outlined sunshade is use here for the windows.

Similarly along with a show wall a normal inclined sunshade is also given to the front window. A dormer window is of course the highlighted one. It has the function of giving extra light and ventilation to the indoor of the house.

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Additional Details
Ground Floor  5. 3 attached baths
1. Sit out 6. Work area
2. Dining 7. Kitchen
3. Living 8. Porch
4. 3 bed rooms
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